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    Domaniç Forests

    Famous for their beauty and greenery, the Domaniç Forests (Domaniç Ormanları) are important due to the rare tree types seen only here. The forest is also a habitat for many animals. You can do enjoy various activities, such as nature walks, camping, picnicking and barbecues in this paradisical area.

    Ilıca Thermal Tourism Centre

    Located in the north of Kütahya, the Ilıca Thermal Tourism Centre (Ilıca Termal Turizm Merkezi) is set amid pine forests. The temperature of the water is 25-43 C °. The thermal baths are used as a complementary treatment for rheumatic diseases, chronic back pain, joint diseases, soft tissue diseases, orthopaedic diseases, post-brain and neurosurgery, general stress disorders and sports injuries. As the waters contain calcium and fluoride ions, they are used as an adjuvant treatment for osteoporosis in the elderly when used in controlled drinking cures. The waters are also believed to be beneficial for gynaecological diseases, liver failure, kidney and gall bladder inflammation.

    Simav Thermal Tourism Centre

    The centre is 4 km from Simav, in the southwest of Kütahya. The temperature of geyser is 163 C° and the hot spring waters are 70-80 C°. The General Directorate of Basic Health Services has approved water analyses declaring that the mineral water contains therapeutic elements. The baths can be used as a complementary treatment element for rheumatic diseases, chronic back pain, joint diseases, soft tissue diseases, orthopaedic, post-neurosurgery, general stress disorder and sports injuries. They are also believed to be beneficial for neuralgia, skin and skin diseases, passing kidney stones, sciatica, osteoarthritis, gynaecological diseases, and psoriasis.

    Murat Mountain

    In antiquity, the mountain was called Dindymon, which means the “Mountain of Mother Goddess Cybele”. Murat Mountain (Murat Dağı) was an area where Christians lived during the Middle Ages. The Turkmens who conquered Kadoi in the 16th century named the mountain Murat Gazi, carrying the name of the martyr combatant to eternity.

    Known as the highest mountain of the Aegean Region, Murat Mountain has both hot and cold water at an altitude of 1,450 meters. The Sarıçiçek Plateau, at 1,850 meters features a ski centre with a 600-meter track area. For nature lovers, the cool mountain air and the magical beauty of its sunsets are sufficient reasons to climb Murat Mountain.