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  • 10 vibes for Kütahya

    like locals

    The Phrygian Valley: picturesque views in a must-see, pristine area surrounded by pine forests, as well as natural rocks resembling Cappadocia. It was inhabited by Phrygians between 900-600 BC.

    Kütahya Castle: A castle from the Byzantine era, used as a prison in antiquity and built on a blue-red rock.  

    Grand Mosque: The largest and most beautiful mosque in Kütahya. The large columns inside the mosque were brought from Aizanoi Ancient City.

    Aizanoi Ancient City: Featuring the best-preserved Temple of Zeus in Anatolia, it is one of the most important ancient cities in Türkiye.

    Historical Kütahya Houses: Still in their original form, these houses are among the finest examples of 19th century civil architecture, featuring the wooden architectural characteristics of Anatolia.

    Thermal Facilities: These facilities, which are in touch with nature and believed to be beneficial for health, offer a range of massage and therapy options.

    Tile Museum: The museum’s collection includes ceramic architectural elements produced in Kütahya and İznik, tile inscriptions, tile vases, plates, panels and household items made of tiles, exhibited in chronological order.

    Local Flavours: In addition to historical and natural beauties, Kütahya offers unforgettable flavours. The local cuisine brings together the rich herbs, vegetables and meats of the Aegean.  

    Traditional dress and hand embroidery: Traditional dresses, hand-embroidered with intricate designs of the highest quality, are worth seeing.

    Domaniç Forests: Along with countless plants and animals, Domaniç Forests also offers many enjoyable activities such as camping, nature walks, picnicking and barbecues.